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Clinical observations indicate that Alzheimer's disease occurs more frequently in women. It has a more severe course than in men and progresses faster. More than 70% of neurontin pills are representatives of the weaker sex. Forms of dementia go through their successive stages: Difficulties in diagnosing this pathology in women are due to the increase in menopause symptoms after they reach the age of 55 years. The similarity of symptoms: absent-mindedness, constant mood swings, forgetfulness. Alzheimer's symptoms in men.

Practice shows that men are less likely to experience Alzheimer's than women. Their initial symptoms go unnoticed for a long time, especially since men visit doctors less often. Other specific features stand out: irritability; alternation of aggression with apathy; isolation; propensity to wander; violation of Gabapentin behavior. Early signs of dementia in men begin to appear later than in women: at 65-70 years. These signals are almost always ignored, men are generally less inclined to monitor their health. But as time goes on, the symptoms increase. Often the first sign is a violation of gait and handwriting.

The allocation of stages of the disease is very conditional, but it helps doctors navigate and adjust the treatment regimen. The initial stage or premention: there are mild cognitive impairments, unmotivated emotional disorders, subtle movement and coordination disorders, difficulty in expressing thoughts, forgetfulness and absent-mindedness, which are often explained simply by character traits; Middle stage: neurological symptoms deepen, become permanent. Problems with memorization and a correct assessment of neurontin 400mg become apparent, interest in life, professional and everyday skills are lost, problems with speech and communication are aggravated.

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The final stage: there are signs of psychological disintegration of the personality.
A man loses spatial and temporal orientation, cannot remember the names and appearance of loved ones, experiences attacks of aggressive excitement or extreme apathy, expresses delusional ideas, and performs meaningless actions. The patient becomes a real danger to others.
Patients get to the doctor at best in the middle stage.
To determine the exact type of disease, medicine uses modern methods to detect foci of Gabapentin and determine the severity of the lesion.
The diagnosis is made on the basis of complaints of the patient and his relatives.

How It Works

Neuropsychological test. The assessment of the patient's condition is carried out by means of tests adapted to him. Tasks contain questions and situational tasks.
The neuropsychological test for Alzheimer's disease consists of various tasks, you need to: name the objects shown in the picture; reproduce and repeat words; produce a simple arithmetic account; draw a clock and mark a certain time on them; to write a sentence; draw a drawing. In this way, the degree of cognitive impairment is revealed.
Copy a geometric figure from the picture. Rewrite the proposal. Working with pictures. The patient must find the hidden elements in the image. Search for characters in text from the same letter. For example, in a text consisting of 10 lines of the letter M, the letter H is hidden. Instead of letters, numbers can be used: among several rows of nines, find the number 6. The search should be carried out in a limited time.

The purpose of such a study is to assess cognitive disorders: thinking, speech, memory, etc.

The patient needs to fill in the clock face by putting arrows and numbers on it in accordance with the given time. For example, put the hands of the clock so that it shows 2 hours 45 minutes. Draw a clock - a circle with a dial. Remember and reproduce the words from the cards. You have a limited amount of time to complete this task.

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In addition, in the stage of predementia, executive functions suffer. Thus, it is difficult for the patient to concentrate on anything and plan future actions. Difficulties are also associated with abstract thinking, it is difficult to remember and recall the meanings of some words. All these phenomena are often attributed to age-related changes.

The stage of predementia is characterized by the appearance of subtle cognitive impairment. Often, they are only detected by detailed neurocognitive testing. It usually takes 7-10 years from the moment the early signs of Alzheimer's appear to the diagnosis.

Senile dementia or disease AAlzheimer’s disease goes through several stages in its development: from inconspicuous symptoms to complete degradation. Each of the stages is characterized by specific manifestations, but they all relate to impaired memory and cognitive functions.

Alzheimer's disease is characterized by impaired glucose metabolism, resulting in neuronal death. Signs of neurontin dementia during PET will be changes in the temporoparietal region and in the posterior cingulate cortex. Stages of Alzheimer's disease.

If CT is performed at later stages, then areas of atrophy of the nerve tissues of the brain will be noticeable. CT allows you to conduct a layered assessment of the brain and predict how the pathology will develop in the future. Positron emission tomography (PET) The latest diagnostic method that allows you to identify and evaluate the indicators of cellular metabolism in all areas of the medulla. The examination is carried out with intravenous administration of a contrast agent that selectively accumulates in brain cells.

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